🧠Skills & Items

Skills are permanently bound to your Love Monster.

What are Skills?

Skill are the special attacks your Love Monster uses inside the battle arena. Depending on your Love Monsters genesis will determine which skills you will be able to unlock and use.

Imagine skill fragments as special pieces to a magical puzzle. Each skill requires 5 identical fragments to create the skill. So for example, to craft a Fireball skill, you will need 5 Fireball skill fragments.

How to get Skills & Skill Fragments?

Skill fragments can be obtained through various means in the game: by levelling up and unlocking crates, purchasing them in bundles, discovering them on land plots, spinning the Wheel of Fortune, and exploring the Monsterverse.

Our Love Monster Marketplace, provides a platform where players can buy, sell, or trade skills and skill fragments with ease.

Crafting & Learning a Skill

Once you collect 5 identical fragments: You will need to combine them to create the complete skill. Your Love Monster can learn this newly crafted skill inside the game. The skills your monster has learned will be accessible via the Love Monster marketplace and in-game.

After a skill is taught to your Love Monster, it’s there forever! Your monster cannot unlearn it.

Genesis Traits Alignment

Specific traits, different rarities, and your Love Monsters genesis will all be key factors and play a role in the advantages you unlock within the game. Love Monsters that are of a higher rarity than common possess multiple genesis traits, enabling them to learn skills from various geneses. Information about your Love Monsters different genesis traits can be explored both in-game and through the marketplace.

  • Common Love Monsters have 1 genesis trait.

  • Rare Love Monsters have 2 genesis traits.

  • Epic Love Monsters have 3 genesis traits.

  • Legendary Love Monsters have 4 genesis traits.

  • Unique Love Monsters have 4 genesis traits.

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