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Excellent teams make great games.

Our mission is to craft a game and brand that deeply resonates with audiences, encouraging them to engage and stay connected for the long haul. Our team, now boasting 30 members, is a dynamic blend of top-tier designers, developers, marketers, and visionaries who have grown and diversified since our early days. Our global footprint extends from England to Spain, New York, Brazil, and beyond, reflecting our worldwide perspective.

Collectively, our diverse and talented team is committed to establishing a captivating and lasting brand that delights and engages players globally.

Liam - Founder & CEO

At the helm of Love Monster is Liam, our Founder & CEO an acclaimed designer known for his expertise in character design, branding, video games, and mobile apps. With a rich background spanning over 14 years in the music and design realms, Liam has produced an impressive array of work for Multi-Platinum recording artists, celebrities, and industry giants including Chris Brown, Kanye West, Meek Mill, Beyonce, French Montana, The Game, Dan Bilzerian, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Floyd Mayweather, Ty Dolla Sign, P. Diddy, Migos, Xzibit, The Hilton Hotel Group, Universal Music Group, Atlantic Records, Warner Bros, Bad Boy Entertainment, eOne Entertainment and many more.

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Jorge - Chief Marketing Officer

Our CMO Jorge utilizes his 15+ years of expertise in finance and business consulting to foster growth within the web3 sector. His strategic insight and dedication to marketing excellence play a pivotal role in securing partnerships and venture capital funding, navigating our brand through the dynamic digital era. Socials: Twitter | Linkedin

Igor - Chief Technical Officer

Chief Technical Officer Igor combines ten years of game development experience with a profound understanding of blockchain technology. His pioneering approach to fusing gaming with decentralized tech sets our company apart, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the web3 landscape. Socials: Linkedin

Rogie - Senior Art Director

Senior designer Rogie, with more than 30 years of experience at illustrious studios such as Disney and Marvel, has made notable contributions to beloved TV series like Mickey Mouse, Hercules, Looney Tunes, Wacky Races, Biker Mice From Mars and many more significantly influencing our creative direction.

Ryan - Head of Strategic Incentives

Ryan serves as the Head of Strategic Incentives, a key role dedicated to propelling organizational growth and innovation. He is instrumental in developing strategies that enhance staff morale and performance, while also boosting revenue streams. Ryan's responsibilities involve comprehensive planning and execution that align with the organization’s strategic goals, ensuring every initiative contributes to sustained growth and success. His expertise in navigating complex challenges and his commitment to fostering a progressive work environment make him a vital leader in our team. Socials: Twitter | Linkedin

Other members of our team also include:

Our team is constantly growing and evolving, so the composition of our team members is subject to frequent change and not all of our team members are listed above. If you would like to enquire about opportunities to get involved with the project, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via support@playlovemonster.com The remainder of our team, though not individually highlighted above, work in areas including community growth & customer support.

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