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Love Monster is created and a company of Maverick Metalabs, a global technology company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and driving meaningful change through cutting-edge solutions in the Web3 and Gaming space. With a passion for technology that is matched only by our commitment to excellence, Maverick Metalabs boasts over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, over 1 Billion downloads across previous game releases and 1 Million + Daily Active Users. Our teams proven track record includes delivering innovative solutions to a diverse array of clients, ranging from entertainment giants such as Universal, Warner Bros. Walt Disney, Marvel and Atlantic Records to burgeoning startups and everything in between. At Maverick Metalabs, our mission is to transform the world through technology. Our continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence has led to the creation of several #1 mobile apps on the app store, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to pushing the limits of what is possible.

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