What is Energy - $NRG?

In the "Love Monster" ecosystem, Energy also known as NRG an off-chain non-transferable resource emerges as an integral in-game reward currency, playing a vital role in the game's economy and player progression.


Love Monsters, like us, require energy to thrive, and this is where the $NRG token becomes indispensable. Players can acquire $NRG by staking $LMT tokens off-chain or through an exchange of $LMT for $NRG at a fixed rate within our MonsterHub. Unlike typical in-game currencies, $NRG tokens carry intrinsic value within our game's ecosystem. However, they are non-transferable and are exclusively used within our in-game world.

Energy $NRG cannot be purchased but it can be earned through several different methods.

Functionality and Utility of $NRG:

  1. Upgrading NFTs: NRG is essential for creating and upgrading your NFTs, particularly for enhancing the levels of your Love Monsters via the MonsterHub.

  2. Crafting Unique Items: It enables players to craft unique NFT items within the game, adding a layer of customization and strategy.

  3. Gameplay Rewards: Players can earn NRG through engaging gameplay and completing various challenges.

  4. Land Plot Development: NRG is used to expedite the building process on Land Plots, crucial for players looking to expand their in-game assets.

  5. Non-Tradability: Unique to our ecosystem, NRG cannot be bought or sold directly, ensuring its use is solely for in-game enhancements and activities.

Player Advancement with $NRG:

As players invest in upgrading their Love Monster's level using $NRG, they unlock more DNA points, crucial for the monster’s evolution and abilities. This progression not only enhances the player's experience but also increases the potential daily earnings of $LMT, tying in the player's in-game activities with tangible rewards. The $NRG token thus stands as a cornerstone of our gaming economy, bridging player engagement with rewarding outcomes.

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