Free To Play

Free to Play and available for all ages.

Inclusive Gaming Experience:

Our objective is to craft a gaming environment that is universally accessible, amalgamating diverse communities of gamers from every corner of the globe, including both crypto enthusiasts and regular players. We are unwavering in our commitment to foster inclusivity and equal opportunity within our gaming universe, ensuring that every player can delve into the excitement and challenges from day one. You do not need to own a Love Monster NFT in order to play our game, however they do have some amazing perks which can be discovered by reading our whitepaper.​

Love Monster NFT Holders:

Owning a Love Monster NFT is not just a token of exclusivity; it’s a gateway to enhanced gaming dynamics. One of the standout benefits is an augmented base DNA pool assigned randomly at the Monster's Birth. These DNA attributes are permanent, ensuring that your Love Monster retains its unique traits even when using a DNA potion. The rarity of the monsters is another dimension of excitementβ€”it implies the potential of possessing multiple genesis traits, offering a strategic advantage and diversity compared to monsters created in the monster generator.

Monster Generator:

Players, both seasoned and new, will have access to the innovative Monster Generator. This feature enables players to generate a random Love Monster, a companion that will aid them in their quests. We understand the diverse preferences of our gaming community, and so, if a player is with their Love Monster, they have the freedom to re-roll and create another variation. This way, every player has the autonomy to shape their journey and build a team that aligns with their strategies and preferences.​Monster Generator (Version 1.0)

Seamless Integration:

By connecting the web3 community and regular web2 players, we aim to create a seamless and easy to use platform where diverse gaming enthusiasts can interact, learn, and grow together. The integration is smooth and easy to use, allowing players from different backgrounds to converge in their love for gaming and explore the boundless possibilities within our gaming world. Our integration to SphereOne's system ensures that NFT holders can easily synchronise their assets with the game and our marketplace. The intuitive dashboard allows for easy connection, and the automatic importation of NFTs eliminates any hassle, allowing players to focus on strategizing and enjoying the game. This seamless integration is designed keeping in mind the diverse and dynamic needs of our players, providing a hassle-free gaming experience. Our Love Monster NFTs are not just assets; they are companions in your journey within our expansive gaming universe. Join us, and let’s redefine gaming together! You can purchase a Love Monster NFT via our marketplace: ​

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