😈Love Monsters

Love Monster, more than just a .JPEG

Our SOLD OUT collection of 9,999 Upgradeable NFTs that generate daily rewards when staked via the MonsterHub. These unique NFTs are not just digital art; they are your in-game characters. With a collection of 9,999 Love Monsters, we had a lot of freedom to let our creativity run wild with the Love Monsters. Some Love Monsters are cute and innocent, some have angelic or demonic wings, and others have laser beam eyes, amongst many other rare and unique traits. All in all, they are all part of this unique hand-drawn collection from our designers that previously worked at Disney & Marvel.

Each and every Love Monster NFT is unique in its own way.

With six different genesis types (elemental) ranging from Fire, Ice, Water, Toxic, Dark Matter and Earth, each of these monsters has its own level of rarity, different skin colours, and unique attributes, which help the players identify who they are about to battle.

Love Monster RarityGenesis TraitsBase DNA Stats



13 Points



17 Points



20 Points



26 Points



35 Points

The rarer the Love Monster the higher Base DNA Stats it will have. Making your Love Monster have a more powerful start.

Love Monster Rarity Chart

Love Monster Rarity Examples

Love Monster NFT Utility

If you own a Love Monster NFT, you will want to learn how to unlock its full potential. The Love Monster NFTs are more than just a .jpeg giving the holder an ever-growing wide range of options and different use cases. βœ… Love Monsters are upgradeable. βœ… Modify their DNA to enhance their performance within our gaming environments. βœ… Teach them skills & special attacks which are bound to the NFT. βœ… Stake your Love Monster to earn rewards in our Wake 'N' Stake Platform. βœ… Play for Loot inside our game in Winner takes all battles. βœ… Level up your NFTs to increase your rank & rewards. βœ… Personalise and equip your Love Monster with cool accessories. And much more..

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