Progression within The Monsterverse

In the game, players will embark on a journey of land building and resource management, constructing a variety of buildings to generate essential resources. These resources serve as the foundation for further development, allowing players to construct advanced buildings, unlock new structures, decorative elements, special abilities, and valuable items. All resources can be traded in-game or crafted into NFTs for on-chain trading.

Players have the option to level up their buildings, thereby increasing resource generation, enhancing bonuses, or improving the services offered. As their land becomes more attractive, players have greater opportunities for successful trades and sales with other players. This creates the potential for players to establish economic empires, whether as resource-generating land plots with large exports or service hubs sought after by all players.

Amidst these economic features, players must also defend their territory from enemy attacks while exploring the vast world around them in search of adventure and treasure. The game offers a dynamic and immersive experience, blending calm city-building with exploration, trade, and combat to create a rich and engaging gameplay experience.

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