Land Plots

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Land Plot

This is the area where players can build, evolve, decorate, and defend. A player can possess multiple land plots, each with its unique characteristics. There are several types of land plots, currently there have been six types of land plots discovered in The Monsterverse.

Player's Territory

The territory represents a location on the world map, a set of coordinates that dictate where the player's lands are situated. Players are restricted to building within their designated territory.


The mainland is owned by the game itself and does not belong to any player. As such, it provides unique and specific services available to all players.

The Monsterverse

The Monsterverse encompasses the entire unified Love Monsters universe, which includes both this game and Arena of Legends.

Acquiring Land

Players have the opportunity to acquire several land plots, all of which are located within their territory. The position of a player's territory on the world map is determined randomly using a coordinate system. It is possible to view the territories of nearby players through their coordinates.

Marshland Land Plot Concept
Forest Land Plot Concept

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Land Overview

Plot TypeSupplyBase Resources



Stone, Concrete, Disco Dust, Rubble



Sand, Pearl, Sun Stone, Poseidon Pebbles,



Clay, Reed Rune, Tangle Thorn, Bog Bricks



Wood, PixelDust, Flint, Carbon, Sap Syrup



Lagoon Water, Void, Nirvana, Nectar, Palm Leaves

Break Point


Myacron, Solonite, Utopia, Ice, Hopium Crystals

The resources mentioned above are not final and are subject to change if needed.

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