Tribes are our take on Guilds, we're combining SocialFi and Web3 Gaming elements.

Tribes are currently under development and will be introduced very soon.

In the expansive and interconnected universe of our games, including Love Monster: Arena of Legends and the wider Monsterverse, the concept of Tribes introduces a revolutionary way for players to engage, collaborate, and evolve within the game world. These Tribes are not confined to a single game; instead, they span across all games within our ecosystem, creating a unified and cohesive community experience. Regardless of whether players are navigating the fantastical realms of Love Monster: Arena of Legends or exploring the myriad adventures within the Monsterverse, their tribal affiliations travel with them, weaving a rich tapestry of alliances, rivalries, and cooperation within the tribe. At the heart of the tribal system is a dynamic membership model, ingeniously designed to adjust the cost of joining in real-time based on the current number of tribe members. This ingenious mechanism serves multiple purposes: it incentivizes early participation by making it more cost-effective to join a tribe when its numbers are low, thereby rewarding the pioneers and early adopters. As a tribe grows in popularity and membership, the cost to join increases, reflecting the tribe's enhanced value and prestige within the game world. This model not only fosters a sense of urgency and excitement around tribal membership but also lays down a financial foundation for the tribe's growth and the distribution of rewards.

Tribe Formation and Membership Costs

  1. Creation Cost: The founder of the tribe must pay a predetermined amount in tokens to create the tribe. This upfront cost is necessary to establish the tribe within the ecosystem.

  2. Early Membership: Individuals who join the tribe shortly after its creation benefit from a cheaper entry to the tribe. This incentive aims to quickly build the tribe's initial community.

  3. Dynamic Membership Pricing: As the tribe grows in size, the cost to join increases. This pricing strategy is designed to value early members and manage the tribe's expansion. It also generates additional revenue for the tribe.

  4. Membership Cap: There is a limit to the number of members a tribe can have. Once a tribe reaches 50 members, the founder can upgrade the tribe to the next tier, allowing for the next wave of tribe members to join.

Financial Model and Revenue Distribution

  1. Tribe Tickets: To generate revenue and manage participation in events or special activities, the tribe may sell tickets. These tickets could be for exclusive events and tournaments, activities, or access to specific tribe resources.

  2. Revenue Split: Revenue generated from various sources, including membership fees and ticket sales, is split according to a 70/30 ratio. 70 percent of the revenue is allocated to the tribe owners or founders, while the remaining 30 percent is used for tribe maintenance, events, or saved for future use. A certain amount of the tokens generated from tribe memberships will also be burned.

  3. Tournament Winnings: When the tribe participates in and wins tournaments, the rewards are distributed among all participating tribe members. This distribution encourages participation and fosters a sense of community and shared success.

Governance and Rewards

  • Tribe Founder's Role: The founder, having invested tokens to create the tribe, plays a significant role in its governance. They are responsible for setting up the tribe's rules, entering the tribe into tournaments and distribution of rewards.

  • Leadership Roles: Tribe founders have the ability to appoint up to three leaders within their tribe to assist in management duties. These appointed leaders will benefit from a slightly increased share of the tribe's earnings as a reward for their leadership and contribution. Additionally, they will receive an honorary badge to display, signifying their leadership role within the tribe for as long as they hold their position, underscoring their importance and dedication to the community.

  • Reward System: The reward system is designed to benefit all tribe members, especially in the context of tournaments. Winning tournaments not only enhances the tribe's reputation but also provides tangible rewards to its members.

Tribe Tools

Tribe Logo Design: Within the game, Tribe founders are empowered to craft and personalize their tribe's logo using our dedicated design tool. As your tribe progresses and achieves higher levels, new shields and icons become available for unlocking, enhancing your tribe's visual identity. Additionally, there's the option to import custom icons, offering even greater creativity and uniqueness in showcasing your tribe's emblem.

Tribe Chat: Initiating a tribe automatically generates an exclusive tribe chat, seamlessly integrated within the in-game chat system. As your tribe welcomes new members, they are instantly added to this tribe chat, facilitating a warm and welcoming environment for newcomers and fostering community spirit among tribe members.

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