Resource Types

Resources are used at different points in the game, each type of resource has its own use.

πŸ—οΈ Structural

Structural resources are the fundamental materials used in the construction and upkeep of the majority of buildings inside of The Monsterverse.

✨ Magical

Magical resources encompass a variety of special materials and elements essential for constructing and sustaining certain unique structures, as well as for the creation of enchanted items. These resources often possess inherent mystical properties or are imbued with specific magical energies.

πŸ–²οΈ Technological

Technological resources refer to the essential materials and components required for constructing and maintaining certain advanced structures, as well as for unlocking and developing new items. These resources include a wide range of modern and futuristic materials, electronic components, and innovative technologies that are critical in the development of cutting-edge facilities, sophisticated machinery, and high-tech gadgets.

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